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Thread: Problems with HLS streaming - weird behaviours

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    Default Problems with HLS streaming - weird behaviours


    We are facing quite some issues with the HLS streaming.

    The first issue is when playing on a proprietary Set top box, when the user presses pause / play several times, the server starts to send corrupted data (NAL Unit header not correct - Video data).

    We have also another issue reported with the Samsung TV player which is crashing because of a reponse timeout (of 30 seconds).

    Is there any way to diagnose where this is coming from and to fix this issue?

    Thanks for your help,


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    Zip up conf and logs folders and send to

    Include details of the STB and streaming you are doing, source and encoding. If you can produce an access and error log that shows a restart of Wowza and a dedicated test of this issue, that would be appreciated.

    The Samsung issue sounds like a network/player issue to me, outside of Wowza.


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