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Thread: Reload IP camera RTSP address

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    Default Reload IP camera RTSP address

    How can we change RTSP address of an IP camera in .stream file immediatelly? Changing content of the .stream file and call JMX shutdownAppInstance does not work.

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    Take a look at the ServerListenerStartupStreamsMonitor:

    Or you can reset the stream in SteamManager or with the MediaCaster API.


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    Thanks - but we don't want to start automatically every IP camera/stream defined in .stream file. We're using rtp-live application type, not just live and we connect to IP camera on demand. We just want to reload somehow new content of the .stream file.

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    Shutdown the app instance (or maybe the whole app) first then change the contents of the stream file, then start the stream.

    Or, it might work to shut down the stream using the StreamManager. You can even use an HTTP URL to do this:


    Then change the .stream file. Then start the stream.

    You can also do this using a Java module:

    You have multiple cameras in one .stream file?
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    Take a look at this built-in monitoring module:


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