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Thread: upgrade from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2

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    Question upgrade from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2


    I want to upgrade my 3.1.1 wowza installation to 3.1.2
    I have made a few changes to the conf files and would like to know what is the right way of upgrading without destroying
    my changes.

    I guess just running rpm -Uvh on the new rpm is not good enough?

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    1. Backup by copying your Wowza folder to a different location.
    2. Get Wowza Patch from the Production Builds page.
    3. Follow instructions in the README.txt included in the patch zipfile.
    4. Add back any changes you've made to configuration files, using your Wowza backup as a reference.
    Files to check in the 3.1.2 patch:
    The transcoder templates in the transcoder/templates folder.

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    First, it would be better to update to 3.5 with this patch:

    Download and unzip the patch then look in the /conf folder. The files here will overwrite your files when you apply the patch. So backup any of the originals that you have customized, then remake your changes to the new files. This is the only way at present. There will also be a new Application.xml. You do not have to replace all your Application.xml files with this new one, unless you want new features like TimeText (for Closed Captioning)


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