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    Default Security Options

    For RTMP only (no iOS) Im not seeing a clear difference between

    AWS S3 with CF

    - recompiled SWF player with Token embedded
    - SWF file which is protected from importing
    - HotLinking denial protection with locked domain
    - private distributions requiring handshake with time expiring urls



    - recompiled SWF player with SecurityToken embedded
    - SWF file which is protected from importing
    - HotLinking denial protection with locked domain

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    You would have to make a Wowza module to implement the 4th thing on your first list.

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    no one has made one that is available?

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    Other security options if you require them,

    Or you can have a consultant build the "private distributions requiring handshake with time expiring urls" module for you.
    If you need a consultant and want the independent consultants list email with a request for this list.


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    i have found wowza support good, but i have seen the list and found it sparse....leading to some pretty arcane websites that are outdated and many give no reply. when it comes to needing to go into production, actual details and actual implementation, this makes it a real challenge.

    i just signed up for amazon premium support which i assume will end up telling me they cant support wowza/aws... such is the nature of any bundled service. each company benefits from the sale but the customer usually find holes in support while each company directs customer to the other. but i'll report back what actually happens....i just had to throw down the money to see how bad aws support is lol...(by the way...i submitted my first "premium" support question at 11 pm last night and no reply yet - even with the 4 hour expected) question stands
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    "no one has made one that is available?"

    Several institutions have made such a thing, but since the implementation is specific to your setup and user authentication, it's difficult to provide anything specific other than the examples Jason listed.

    The consultant list will be updated very soon, and then again this summer. Write to support again if you would like a new list.

    It's understandable that Amazon can't support Wowza as it's not their product. Please direct your Wowza questions here.

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    no problem, your support is good. the list is outdated for sure. but i disagree (FWIW) that aws should not support AWS/Wowza. the correct offering would be to have bridge support specialists.

    and in fact, this is what you will get from "premium aws support"...quoting

    We do not support customer instances and/or applications.
    you should add a jobs sub-forum

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    Here is customer contributed expiration module:


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