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Thread: Checking if a stream is live

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    Default Checking if a stream is live


    I'd like to be able to check remotely whether a stream is live or not. Preferably by checking one of the XML files that are provided for server and stream info.

    I was looking at /serverinfo which has

    <![CDATA[ vod ]]>

    when a stream has not been started and <Status>loaded</Status> once it has.

    However, that status stays loaded even if the stream isn't running, until the server gets restarted.
    I need something that will let me know that there is a stream live or not.

    Does Wowza have something like this that I can check remotely?


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    I'm not sure if Wowza provide this but you could build some custom code to do it, or have a consultant build it for you.
    If you need the independent consultants list you can request for it via email to

    I think the ability to check a stream is running via a url can be done in one of the Showcases,

    They provide contact details so it would be best to make sure this is the functionality you're looking for.


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    This is from HTTPProvider serverinfo

    Which will work, you have to parse the xml, which your app server can do.


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