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Thread: Throttling with wowza is possible ?

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    Default Throttling with wowza is possible ?


    When i watching a video from youtube i noticed that despite the high internet connection , download speed is not stable. You can easily understand what I mean watching a video from youtube. So i wonder is that possible with wowza ? Maybe with nDvr ?

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    The best way to achieve smooth playback with unstable network conditions is multi-bitrate streaming.

    For vod multi-bitrate, take a look at the encoding suggestions for Expression 4 Encoder, which we recommend because it produces key frame aligned sets which is necessary for switching.

    For live multi-bitrate, the best option is to use the Wowza transcoder

    The Wowza Transcoder is the best option because each version will be key frame aligned, and you only need one stream from the encoder. Otherwise you need 2 or more and few live encoders produce key frame aligned sets.


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