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Thread: RTMP, HTTP both fine, RTSP 'scrambled'

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    Default RTMP, HTTP both fine, RTSP 'scrambled'


    New to Wowza but had no issues in getting it set-up to live stream a playlist (H264 files) and live stream from Wirecast (Flash/H264). Using the example viewers all is fine (RTMP & HTTP) to desktop and iPhone but I cannot get the RTSP stream to play correctly using Quicktime Player or VLC - they both look like they are losing loads of packets or have serious jitter issues. I have added the settings for a jitter buffer but they made no difference and I can see no errors in the logs. Does it with all files I have tried and all firewalls are turned off on the server, it's all on one local switch too.

    I cannot see what other settings I can change so any thoughts appreciated as I need to stream to an Amino A140 which I think only supports RTSP.



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