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Thread: How to solve Wowza nDVR url Problem?

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    Default How to solve Wowza nDVR url Problem?


    I worked with wowza nDVR with FMLE and succeeded in playing too..Now I tried to use dvr to work with streamname followed by playerid.
    For eg(http://localhost:1935/dvr/streamname...ifest.f4m).But it couldn't play that stream..
    But the player displays:
    We are unable to connect to the content you have requested.We apologize for the inconvenience..
    How to solve this and make it play the above url? Is it possible in wowza?

    Anybody Kindly explain me..

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    This is typically caused by a malformed URL. If you have the other live packetizers configured as in the nDVR tutorial step #3b, then you should be able to play back the same URL that you successfully played back live by adding "?DVR" to the end of the URL.

    How are you playing back? Which player are you using? Also take a look at these troubleshooting tests to pinpoint the problem. If you still have problems, send a zip if [install-dir]/conf and logs directories, details about your input (source, format, encoder settings) and which step you got to in the troubleshooting tests and add it to the duplication question you sent in ticket #32328. No need to post in both places, it is the same crew checking both.


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