so in the end, videos have to be part of a website. normally, the website will use youtube, local videos or maybe cloudfront/s3 on the PUBLIC access pages/links/videos and then might use wowza on PRIVATE pages/links/videos

the question is how to build a CMS that allows flexibility. meaning, build the CMS w/ the admin and database in a way that allows not having to re-code for each vendor (or source) scenario. using admin input fields that allow pasting various urls is one simple example.

so with that in mind, Im trying to get a idea as to if any admin input fields and database records that "could" be interchangeably used if optionally configuring streamers:

AWS CF/S3 and Wowza on a Server
AWS CF/S3 and EC2/Wowza

like possible fields for php executed polices or handshakes?