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    I have some doubts regarding on how to use Vhost.xml/SendBufferSize and ReceiveBufferSize.

    If one Wowza server (client server) is pulling one 2.3 Mbps rtmp stream from another Wowza server (publishing server). Does the configuration of these two parameters (SendBufferSize and ReceiveBufferSize) somehow be synchronized? For instance, ReceiveBufferSize must have the same value in the server that is pulling the stream that SendBufferSize in the server from which the stream is being pulled? Or has it nothing to do with this?

    Can the configuration of these two parameters affect the stream quality (rebuffers, freezing) from the final user point of view?
    Which is the highest bit rate stream that Wowza can deliver?



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    These values are not synchronized as you described. These values can affect end-user experience, but if you are experiencing choppy playback that is most likely a bitrate vs bandwidth issue.


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