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Thread: Help Needed: What Player and what Encoder to use?

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    Default Help Needed: What Player and what Encoder to use?

    Hi guys

    This most be a fairly common issue.

    Just set up wowza on amazon and now we face a problem choosing softwares for the player and the broadcasting end.

    I am developing a live financial news service, providing a live voice feed of major market moving events. Our service is voice only and lightening fast delivery is of the utmost importance.

    What player should we use on our site, and what encoder or broadcasting software should we use to connect to our mic?

    We need to be able to create multiple voice streams or channels from one mic. So for example if we are talking about a piece of news that effects forex and stocks we want to be able to allow both those groups to hear that news. However if it effects only forex we want to be able to play to only the forex channel.

    So what player and encoder/broadcast software would you recommend for low latency multchannel service?

    Thanks very much for your help


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    Take a look at JW Player, which is a very good RTMP Flash player

    Wirecast is a good live encoder option in your case. It comes with AAC audio and can have multiple inputs


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    Thanks for that. I have set up WOWZA on Amazon EC2 and managed to get the example video working.

    got Wirecast live and ready to broadcast, I used the url rtmp://ec2-***-***-***-*** which should send the content from my desktop to the server, but get a 4024 error in Wirecast. (numbers deliberately starred ***)

    It doesnt seem to work, any help in connecting Amazon EC2 to wirecast?

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