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Thread: Help to optimize my Wowza server

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    Lightbulb Help to optimize my Wowza server


    I want to find the most powerful tuning for my wowza server, and i think it's right place to ask for it
    So I have a server with these spec :

    - Intel® Xeon® E3-1230 (4x 3.2GHz)
    - 8 Go DDR3 ECC
    - 2 x 1 To SATA2 Raid 0 / Raid 1 HARD
    - 1 Gbit/sec
    - Debian 64bits
    - apache/mysql (for now on this server)

    I use this server for Cupertino streaming only and I use mediacache to pull mp3 files from an http server.
    I only stream 128kbits mp3 files.

    I need the most optimized tuning.
    So my questions are :

    1 - I only stream mp3 files and HLS protocol support mp3. So how can i tune WowZa to not re-encode these files when streamed (to improve cpu load)?
    2 - What JAVA heap size should I set ?
    3 - How many connections can I handle at the same time (considering MediaCache and 128kbits mp3) ?
    4 - How many stream can I handle at the same time (considering MediaCache and 128kbits mp3) ?
    5 - How MediaCache handle input http files ? (it download them enterely before stream OR it stream directly in live ?)
    6 - Is there some specials tweaks for tuning Wowza (garbage collection stuff) ?

    Thanks you for reading.


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    This is our all purpose tuning guide:

    The MediaCache package guide includes tuning guidance for that addon

    Your "How many..." questions have to be answered by testing. The Wowza load test tool can help with simple scenario (live or vod rtmp streaming). You can get this tool by writing to There is a document to sign and return.


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