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    Hi there,

    strange issue i am having : i am recording a stream. Its an mp4 stream and the video is fine, and when i watch the stream live the audio is fine. However, the rceorded stream has no audio - it wont play back via wowza at all (though as I say the video does fine).

    .... anyone have any ideas ? The video rceording sample seems to work fine but that isn't to an mp4 i don't think ?

    I have tried setting codec to Nellymoser and speex




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    Try setting the audio as mp3 or aac, as far as I'm aware an mp4 container can't contain Speex or Nellymoser which would explain your problem.

    Can you open your stream with VLC and use the top bar and click "Tools" > "Codec information" and tell us the output. (live and recorded)
    if I'm correct the recorded version won't display audio because it can't be stored and is discarded.


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