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Thread: how to start publishing of a live camera stream (rtp-live) from iphone/ipad?

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    Smile how to start publishing of a live camera stream (rtp-live) from iphone/ipad?

    I am using Wowza to stream H.264 video streams from many remote IP Cameras.
    We don't always have viewers on all cameras, so we don't want to use StartupStreams.xml (or StreamManager) to start all the streams automatically and keep them all connected while there is no viewer. (saving bandwidth and resources)

    I created a Wowza Application with StreamType set to "rtp-live" which connects to cameras on demand (when there is at least one viewer)
    This works perfectly when we have at least one Flash (RTMP) client. The first Flash RTMP client that plays the stream will start the stream and it will stop stream after the last Flash client stops. other viewers / clients (from iPhone/iPad) could view the streams with no problem BUT ONLY when there is at least one Flash client connected. when there is no Flash Client (RTMP) connected to the stream , the app stops / unpublishes the streams and my iPhone viewers get "Stream Not Found" error.

    How can we achieve similar start / stop behavior for viewers other than Flash, for example when the first HTML5 client (from iPhone/iPad) connects I want to start the stream and when there is no viewer of any kind, I want to stop the stream?

    I wouldn't mind writing code if necessary as I already have developed 2 custom modules for this application (for other purposes).


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    There is not a practical way to do it, and nothing at all built-in. There are impractical ways to start a stream if it is not started, and perhaps bounce back and forth while it is packetizing, for 30 seconds or more, but nothing is built-in to do that.


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    Hello bingo_jake,

    We are running into the exact same issue that you reported. Have you come up with any clever solutions?


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