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    Hi all,

    I am a bit confused by the stream 'destroy' definition. What is it really? From what I have read, Wowza automatically destroys any stream which is not in use. This is where I am confused because what if I have 2000 people listening to my audio stream and then at night they all go to sleep and I have no listeners. Would the stream be 'destroyed' at that point until the first listener comes back in the morning?


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    In unicast streaming there is one stream for every client, each of which is destroyed when the client disconnects. When that happens to one outgoing stream it does not affect others.


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    Thanks Richard. So does that mean for each 'close' by a client, the log should show a 'destroy' as well?

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    There should be, unless you pull the plug on the server suddenly.


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    OK great, thank you so much!

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