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    Default WoWza integration

    Good day everydoby,
    My application basicaly charges people for 1on1 audio video conference.
    What I need:
    Video chat event log: when stream started, interapted(browser closed or internet problems) and stoped.
    So what I want is to make my application aware of wowza events.
    What I have:
    Java application on tomcat, wowza server.

    What is the best way to communicate wowza server and my application (database, web services, JMS or some event model).
    Maybe wowza facilitates one of these mechanisms.

    Examples are greatly appreciated.

    Thnx for your help.

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    This can be done in Wowza but you need to write a HTTPProvider to implement this kind of functionality.
    I would start you reading through the information provided in the HTTP Providers section if you're writing this yourself.
    Here's the link,

    If you require a consultant to write this for you an independent consultants list can be requested be email, send the request to


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    One approach is starting here:

    The above only works for Flash RTMP clients.

    Then take a look at this post for example of setting up JDBC connection


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