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    Hope this helps in evaluating our products and compatible hosting services:

    All products and editions can be tested in the online demos.
    Also all can be downloaded for evaluation in free (limited) mode.

    Hosting plans can also be tested with the online demos. We do not provide free hosting plans or free access to rtmp address due to high resources required for streaming and setup costs.

    Both hosting plans and licenses can be rented for a minimum duration of 1 month by ordering a subscription. It can be canceled until month ends from billing site if you don\'t want to continue.
    Compared to other rtmp servers, Wowza plans are on faster 1000Mbs connected servers, more reliable, with extra features like optimized recording and rtmp stats.

    All servers are located physically in Unites States (Dallas, Texas).

    Streaming plans at 1000Mbps plans in SoftLayer™ networks (connected trough Level 3, SAVVIS, Verio and Global Crossing). All provide incredible transfer speeds and connectivity.

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    I use VideoWhisper before back in 2009. I had to give it up after a month. Not sure if it improves now. It needs several more features to be added.

    1. The quality of the web broadcasting is pretty low. If you go a little higher, picture won't move smoothly. I see other guys are doing better job ( in web broadcasting, but they only work with FMS, not Wowza.
    2. Need better functions for admin, like to suspend the channel
    3. There is a flaw in stream name: They use the same streamname for streaming in the player, which means if somebody view the player source code, they can steal your stream name/channels

    But you can always try the demo to see if it fits your need

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    RTMP side application allows restricting connections to clients from your domain only. So channels can be stolen for playback with other clients.

    Plain php editions are for demonstrative purposes, easy integration and don't use a database. User/channel management depends on CMS integration. In example you can use editions like WordPress, Joomla, Oxwall, Elgg and control from there.

    Video quality depends on allocated bandwidth per stream from settings (must be in the limits of the connection upload speed for broadcaster and download speed for watcher).
    Higher video bandwidth setting will reduce required compression level and pixelation on movements but will require users to have higher connection or will cause massive frame loss, interruptions, big latency.

    Latency depends on buffering settings (set 0.1 for flash minimum) and client-server connection latency that is independent of settings. Less buffering means less latency and is recommended for live chats. For 1 to many live streaming more buffering is recommended as fluency is more important.

    Do a speed test of your home connection to your a location near your streaming server (rtmp) using or another tool from .

    Then configure application streaming options (camBandwidth) to match your connection capabilities if you consider most users will have similar connections.

    Also you can change camMaxBandwidth that will allow changing bandwidth allocation at runtime (by clicking webcam preview panel). With that you can apply different broadcasting settings at runtime while previewing playback on a different computer or browser tab.

    Best low latency results, especially on high traffic sites, are obtained with latest versions that use p2p between the clients if rtmfp address is configured. Using P2P, latency is independent of server and only depends on client connections.

    To enable P2P, get a RTMFP path (i.e. by registering for a free developer key from Adobe Cirrus ) and fill as rtmfp server.

    You should test both with p2p enabled and disabled: In some situations with few users and certain networking settings, p2p is very slow due to ISP and rtmp is better.

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