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Thread: Multiple users, multiple IP cameras, where is the bottleneck?

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    Default Multiple users, multiple IP cameras, where is the bottleneck?


    I am considering using Wowza 3 for the following scenario:

    Each user has an account (of my system), and multiple IP cameras

    When she logs in, she can select which camera to view live.

    The system is aimed to support many of such above user.

    could you help point out where the bottleneck (Wowza, CPU/Memory, bandwidth) is?

    (Assuming a server is HP Proliant 7: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5640 (2.66 GHz, 12MB L3 Cache, 80W, DDR3-1066, HT), 8G Ram, 6 SAS 300G HDDs - RAID 5)

    the bottleneck in the case of VoD and one-source live streaming is network bandwidth capacity. Is it still true for the above scenario?


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    Often the bottleneck in VOD streaming will be disk I/O. For all scenarios you'll want to calculate expected network utilization and determine if your network bandwidth is sufficient.

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    thanks for the reply.

    I am asking about live streaming for multiple users with multiple IP cameras though.

    Is handling multiple input connections (from multiple IP cameras) and multiple output connections (for multiple users) a bottleneck (in addition to disk I/O)? or

    how many IP cameras can be connected to a Wowza server?


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    The inbound streams to Wowza can be up to 200, however this will require a dual quad-core processor, so your bottleneck is CPU in this scenario.
    I can't give you an accurate number with your set-up due to so many limiting factors but at a guess I'd say 125 at the maximum.

    You don't have to worry about the disk speeds as you're not using Vod.
    The only thing to consider with your disks is if you're recording the live streams from the IP cameras but you do have fast disks so this shouldn't be a problem.


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    Is 200 inbound streams hard-limit?

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    No, there is no hard limit but it is much more limited than out streams, and 200 is the upper reaches as I understand it.


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    There are no hard coded limits other than as specified for the addons such as incoming Transcoder streams. It is determined by server/network resources.

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