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Thread: JW Player + VideoWhisper + Wowza

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    Default JW Player + VideoWhisper + Wowza

    I am trying to build a live streaming site but can't seem to find the stream in my JW Player. I am using Wordpress with the following plugins:

    1. VideoWhisper Live Streaming Application (broadcasting booth)
    2. JW Player Plugin for Wordpress (viewers )
    3. Wowza (Stream Server)

    I have a running Wowza server along. I have configured Videowhisper plugin to stream live from my web cam. The plugin appears to work and echo the live stream to a viewer (using their embed code). I want to use JW Player to broadcast. I installed the Wordpress plugin and confirmed with Videowhisper that the following shortcode should work.

    [jwplayer file="ccowell" streamer="rtmp://" provider="rtmp"]

    The jwplayer appears to connect to Wowza but it can't find the stream. I am not sure what could be the issue or where to start. I posted a demo of the issue at .


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    Try with file="ccowell.flv" instead of file="ccowell"
    You need to publish as user (channel) ccowell

    This could be of assistance:

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