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Thread: Settings for streaming to flash AND HTML5 (Adobe FMLE + Wowza + Amazon EC2)

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    Default Settings for streaming to flash AND HTML5 (Adobe FMLE + Wowza + Amazon EC2)

    Hello, I'm using Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to stream to a Wowza on Amazon EC2 which is played in JW Player. I'm trying to figure out what settings I should use both in FMLE so the output from the server can be viewed in JW Player in Flash and HTML for IOs devices. In FMLE I have an FMS URL (rtmp://myip:1935/live) and a stream name of "myStream.mp4" . What should I change?


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    Use H.264 Baseline 3 video with a 2 second key frame frequency. Use AAC audio if you have the MainConcept plugin, otherwise make the MP3 stereo, 128kbs, 44100Hz

    The playback URL is:
    You can use HTML5 video tag in iOS:

    <video controls src="http://[wowza-address]:1935/vod/sample.mp4/playlist.m3u8">
    And add "cupertinostreamingpacketizer" to the Application.xml /Stream /LiveStreamPacketizers

    The tutorial is here:


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    Also, click the little wrench icon next to the Format "h.264" setting to open a dialog to set Profile (baseline), Level (3) and key frame frequency (2 seconds)


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    Thanks Richard, In Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, to make my stream IOS and Flash friendly, what should I put in the FMS URL and what should I name my stream? What is the significance of the different stream name extensions? I've seen mystream.mp4 .sdp .flv etc. etc.


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    The FMS URL should point to an application that is configured for live streaming and cupertino packetizing.

    You can use any stream name. There is no significance to the extension of a stream name in a live encoder. It can have no extension. Some add .sdp or .mp4 extension, which is no problem but has no affect either. But whatever you name the stream is what you playback. If it is myStream.sdp then you will always use that full name to playback, in all clients.

    What does have an affect is adding mp4: prefix to the stream name in the encoder. If the video is h.264 and you are using StreamType "live-record" then adding the mp4: prefix will instruct Wowza to record to a .mp4 container. So FMLE stream name "mp4:myStream" will be recorded to a file named myStream.mp4.

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    Thanks Richard, I'm getting close! Here is the JW Player shortcode that was recommended to me. It works fine in Flash, what link should I use for the HTML5?

    [jwplayer config="Cams-page" file="mystreamname" streamer="rtmp://myIP:1935/live" provider="rtmp" image="/media/streaming_off.jpg" html5_file=""]

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