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    Default EC2 Monthly price

    Hello, I'm currently planning to move all my infraestructure to Amazon EC2 but can't make the right decision because the price scheme is a little bit confusing. This is what I have:

    - 5 x Dedicated Servers with Quad Core Xeon 2.66
    - 8 GB RAM DDR3
    - 1 Gbit Port
    - 12 TB of monthly transfer
    - Wowza Media Server Monthly subscription

    Servers are configured for Load Balancing multiple audio streams at 48 Kbps with 8000 to 10000 clients on average everyday and are working good, the problem I have is monthly transfer (sometimes I get spikes of 14 or 15 TB per server) and I want to reduce costs, I'm trying to replicate the config on AWS but prices are a little bit strange, I don't know what I really need and how much will cost me monthly.

    Any advice will be welcome. Thank you.

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    If you use a lickey AMI with your own Wowza key (paid for separately), you pay base charges to AWS following this schedule:

    If you use a devpay AMI with embedded license, see this price schedule can be found about half way down this page:

    Click the button "Wowza on EC2 Pricing". Note the region drop down. Prices vary by region.

    There are of course many factors and many many providers, but I have frequently heard that there are cheaper options for high volume streaming, that EC2's strength is convenience and other factors, not necessarily price. The only reference I can provide is the Wowza partner page


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