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Thread: VOD@S3 with MediaCache scalling best practices

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    Default VOD@S3 with MediaCache scalling best practices

    Hi there,

    I have built an EC2 machine that is working perfectly for a VOD application using a S3 repository and a local disk with MediaCache ... now I need to scale that. My current option (based on my little experience with AWS services and mainly with Wowza) is:
    1. Take a snapshot from my current machine;
    2. Configure CloudWatch to launch a new machine using my snapshot/AMI;
    3. Use a startup script to create, format and mount my cache disk at this new machine;
    4. Launch my configured Wowza using this new disk.

    Is this my best option (considering costs, performance, etc) or should I take a look at something else?



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    You also need a load balancer, and Cloudwatch will not work for this.

    The easiest thing to do is use a startup package to launch new EC2 instances with the same AMI. The startup package is a mirror of Wowza configuration. The instance will be ready to go MediaCache and Load Balancer Listener. Take a look at the EC2 guide for more details on creating (very easy) and using (also easy) a startup package.

    The Load Balancer Addon is here:


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