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Thread: AAC decoding not working with mpeg .

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    Default AAC decoding not working with mpeg .


    We here are currently trying out the Wowza solution for our transcoding.
    What we have is a ~5Mbit video/audio stream, What i know at this moment is that the audio-stream is "Mpeg 1/2/3 (mpga)" (according to VLC, may have to get back on this)
    What we want is 2 streams, one with a bitrate of 400mhz and one with 800mhz.
    We want h.264 and AAC encodings.

    The video encoding according to VLC is h264 (great!)
    But when i set audio to "AAC" (not PassThru), the sound is none...
    However, when i set it to passthru, i get that mpga-encoding...

    I saw in Wowza 3.1.2 that you added HE-AAC, i wonder, how can i implement this in my transcode.xml ?
    Would it fix the problem ?


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    Thanks for the information. I will observe about this.

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    Thanks ...

    No one knows how to activate the "audioonly.xml" file?
    If i disable audio in transcode, does the audioonly kick in?

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    You enable templates in Application.xml /Transcoder /Tempates.

    If you use "Disable" for the audio codec, no audio is output in the transcoded streams. Nothing kicks in.


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