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Thread: Monitoring metrics for scaling

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    Default Monitoring metrics for scaling

    Hey guys,

    What are the monitoring metrics that you are used to use for a VOD application scalling? (how to know the right moment to launch a new instance).

    And for a Live streamming application?

    How do you monitor that metrics?



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    The easiest way (for live and vod) is with the HTTPProvider connectioninfo, which tells you the total number of active connections across all VHosts and Applications in a Wowza server:


    The browser will display: "server=n" where n is number of connections.

    For this to be useful the machine should be a dedicated Wowza server and you should have some idea how much bandwidth and server resources each connection uses, at least on average.


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    If you can't be certain of how much throughput a client may be responsible for (more common in live situations or when a vod client can sit idle without playing anything), and want to get an idea of actual throughput, you have a couple of options:

    1. Use the Vhost interface to get the io performance counters. You can then factor how much bandwidth wowza is using
    2. Write a shell script to hit ifconfig a few times, parse the results, and factor throughput at the NIC. Then use an http provider to invoke the shell script and return the output.

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    In linux you can poll /proc/net/dev.

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