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Thread: hls doesnt work

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    Default hls doesnt work

    I tried to make hls work..

    I am not able to play in vlc nor roku
    But i get the below m3u file in Internet explorer


    This is a repeater stream.
    This format works fine but not

    http://x.x.x.x:1935/liveedge/amritatv/playlist.m3u8 does not work..
    I see other parameters like bitrate and codec sometimes. Not sure how to configure it since it is just a repeater.

    It keeps on breaking in between on roku and reloading even though i pasted the cuprtinocalculatecodecs
    I am not sure how to configure the bitrate and optimize the cupertinocalculate codecs.
    i am not transcoding the stream .


    Any idea?

    ONe more thing i noticed If i open the source in m3u8 format, there is about 6 seconds delay....
    Not sure if this delay can create problems
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    I don't think VLC supports cupertino stream. Use RTSP URL to stream to VLC.

    For Roku, is the stream at least 800kbs? I think that is there minimum bitrate. And they require AAC audio, last I heard, though not sure about recent versions.

    Also, try absolute playlist URL in Roku:


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