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    We've been using the Wowza EC2 instance for over a year with great results. Our existing tech stack is: Web cam->FMLE->RTMP stream to Wowza EC2->Record .flv formatted files for playback. We want to change this technology stack to: GoPro Hero Cam ->FMLE->Stream to Wowza EC2 ->Record .mp4 file format for playback. The goal is to take the .mp4 video file saved by Wowza and without conversion (no ffmpeg), play it directly in a quicktime or other .mp4 video players. First, is this possible or is the file conversion step always necessary? And secondly, can I simply use the Wowza pre-packaged rtp-live-record stream or do I need to use the Wowza Transcoder AddOn in order to save the .mp4 so no conversion for QuickTime player is necessary?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Greg Grillo (Wowza in Live Action)

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    To answer, we would need to know the A/V codec and stream parameters the GoPro outputs.

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