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Thread: Tweaking transcoder to the max! (AAC fails, and video needs 2-3 mins to stabilize)

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    Default Tweaking transcoder to the max! (AAC fails, and video needs 2-3 mins to stabilize)


    I am using Wowza Transcoder to transcode 1 satellite-stream to 2 streams (bitrate 1100000 and 600000). The input-stream is about 5mbit.
    My target is set-top boxes, but i am testing the udp-streams against VLC.

    I get the streams nice and slowly, but when i play them in VLC, VLC needs like 1-2 min to stabilize both sound and video to stream it without problems .
    (At the moment i am using PassThru to get the sound).

    Is there ANY way to make VLC to stabilize it earlier from Wowza ?

    And AAC-Problem, the input sound is mpga, (mpeg 1/2/3) but the AAC fails to transcode it (i am just getting some random blips all the time).
    Is there any way to modify the audio more than AAC - PassThru - disable ?
    How do i activate Audioonly.xml and try out HE-AAC ?

    I'd like some quick answers if possible, cause i am ripping my hair out of this now .
    Just ask if you need any of my config-files ...



    I saw that the AAC-transcoding has some watermark-thingy on Trial-version, that makes it blip(gap).
    Is it the same on developer-license ?

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    i am testing the udp-streams against VLC
    What udp-streams are you referring to, is it the satellite source or output of Wowza Transcoder? If output from Wowza, are you using the Multicast Publish Addon?

    You activate Transcoder templates in the Application.xml /Transcoder /Templates.

    We need more info about the MP3 to AAC issue. Write to and provide as much detail as possible. Include a link to this thread for reference. And if you can provide access to the source that would be great.


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