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Thread: Audio transcoding and repacking problem

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    Default Audio transcoding and repacking problem

    I have a input stream whose audio is encoded by g.711 and I want to play this stream on flash player.
    The video is encoded by h.264 which is ok for flash player.So if it is possible that I only use transcoder addon to transcode the audio part(And I read about that the audio only addon is much cheaper.In this situation,can it be considered as a audio only situation?)?

    The stream is a rtsp stream but when I tried to republish it.I can't see and video and the connectioncounts page showed there were input data bytes but the output data bytes was none.I guess it may not be packed by mpeg-ts which caused the problem.Is there a way to repack it?

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    If you want to include the video in the transcode it is not audio only pricing, it is regular pricing.

    I'm not sure on the other issue, need more detail about what you are doing, what encoder, Wowza configuration, playback clients. Is there any clue in the logs?


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