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Thread: Access Log Gigabytes vs Gigabits

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    Default Access Log Gigabytes vs Gigabits

    Hi there,

    Please confirm where I am going wrong here.

    When I am looking at "Server-to-client stream bytes" it says '5644 G'

    When I am looking at their stats for the SAME 24 hour period, it says 685GB (Gigabytes).

    This math would be add up properly if the 5644 G actually meant Gigabits. But the Wowza manual says Gigabytes. If this were true, I would have over 5.6TB of data transfer and that is definitely not what Amazon says (their network engineer has confirmed their 'outbound traffic' amount.

    Let me know your thoughts...thanks!

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    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the report. Where are you seeing this? sc-bytes? Which version of Wowza?

    The Wowza User Guide says, "cs-stream-bytes: Total number of bytes transferred from client to server for stream x-stream-id (accumulative)"

    The "cs" fields all accurately report bytes for me. Didn't test "sc".

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    sc-bytes is bytes not bits.


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    Thank you Randall.

    Here is my version: owza Media Server 3 Monthly Edition build1647

    And yes, it was sc-bytes. It just does not make sense to me.


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    Thanks Richard but this still does not make sense then. Amazon has confirmed that the bandwidth usage is way lower than what the Wowza log is telling me.

    How can we figure this out?


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    Can you post a line from your logs that has the info you're asking about? When you paste here, enclose the line in [ CODE ] BB-code blocks.

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    To verify what Amazon is reporting, you should be able to determine the bandwidth sent by one stream through various means. For example, you could send a VOD file with a known bitrate/size, or a play a live stream with a known bitrate for a specific length of time.

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    Actually, this is what I am doing now. We are running a simple load-test of 320 concurrent users which are streaming audio at 32kbps. When the 24 hours runs up tonight, I will check again and will post it here. This test should show me a total sc-bytes of 110.6GB (Gigabytes). Correct?

    Many thanks.

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    Yes 110.6GB is what I got.


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    Thanks Jason. Actually guys I just read that the Wowza 'Load Test' tool is not really that good for measuring user streams and it's more for testing the actual CPU on the server (which was great by the way). Do you think it's because we are not running 'real' users yet for this and the load-test tool is messing with the results?

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