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Thread: Recording File Path Changing and HTTP API stopping response

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    Default Recording File Path Changing and HTTP API stopping response


    I have now two problems to be solved.
    One is that the default directory path of recording file are changing randomly every time I restart Wowza Media Server 3.0
    It could be [wowza home]/content/ and also could be [wowza home]/content/abc/

    The other is that Live Stream Record Add On stops to response to the HTTP API call some time.
    I use script to restart Stream Recording every one hour in order to make a new file with the timestamp.

    I really need some help

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    If you enter a path in the file name of stream in a live encoder, the file will be recorded to a subfolder of the content location. That is probably what is happening. There is not a way for the content location to change randomly.

    On the 2nd problem, what is probably happening is that there is some interruption in the live stream that you are recording.


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