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    I have MediaSecurity AddOn installed and I'm tying to make a live broadcast with tokens.

    on the Application.xml I added on the modules:

    and on the Properties:

    when I try to connect to the server with the fmle, it doesnt connect.
    what mistake am I making?

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    What do you see in the logs when you try to connect?

    Try running Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode so you can see log output in the console

    Are you following the examples at the end of the guide in the MediaSecurity package?


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    Hi Richard,
    yes I'm using the MediaSecurity package guide.

    I need to make some tests for this, I dont want to start and restart my server, I want to try on a new server, how can I buy a daily license without opening another account?

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    I think you can get a daily license using the same account.


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    Now I'm getting a different issue, it connects no problems on that, but then it works everywhere, even on the normal strobe:
    I just enter the rtmp + stream name and the strobe works, doesnt ask for tokens any player can show the broadcast.

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    SecureToken only works for Flash RTMP client. There is no equivalent security for Flash HTTP (sanjose)


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    But Richard, that is what I used, I used the rtmp on flash player (strobe) and the player showed the broadcast, and it shouldn't because it was suppose to be SecureToken.

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