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Thread: Live repeater - Open stream upon request.

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    Default Live repeater - Open stream upon request.


    I have successfully used Live-repeater origin/edge, I applied it in an internal network using three live channels.

    The problem that I have a bandwidth limitation, so I tried lowering the video bitrate but I got a bad quality. So I have to switch between channels usage, but the problem is that when I stream the first channel then close it, it does not close the connection between the origin and the edge, what happens is that the edge is still pulling the stream from the origin.

    So my question is, Should I search for any plugin that would apply the required functionality, or is it originally supported in Wowza?

    Another questions, I am using a commercial license and in order to activate the license, the servers should be connected to the internet, Is there is any other technique for activation rather than connecting to activation server? As I was opposed by our security engineer, and he did not agree to expose our servers to the internet to minimize the threats and attacks.

    Ahmed Kamal.

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    How are you switching? If you are doing multi-bitrate streaming each of the origin streams in the set must be started for switching to work, as shown in the guide:


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    Hi Richard,

    I am not applying Adaptive Bitrate, I am using single bitrate for each channel. I am already using /conf/StartUpStreams.xml to start the streams.

    The scenario is as following:

    - The user connects to an edge server requesting, and the edge server requests a stream from the origin.

    - When the user closes the stream, the connection between origin and edge should be closed in order to save bandwidth for other channels that might be streamed later.

    So is that available to be applied?

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    To achieve that, use StreamType "liverepeater-edge" in the edge Application.xml, and do not use StreamManager or /conf/StartUpStreams.xml to start the origin streams on the edge.


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    So using any of Streammanger or /conf/StartUpStreams.xml will make the edge always pulling the stream from the origin even if there are no clients requesting the stream from the edge server, right?

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