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Thread: HELP : Axis P5534-E PTZ Streaming Question

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    Lightbulb HELP : Axis P5534-E PTZ Streaming Question

    Hi Guys,
    I am looking to create a surfing informational website that will use streaming cameras from 10 different locations from across the country to show the conditions and waves etc.

    This is the camera I am looking to get. The Axis P5534-E

    Simple - So I have these 10 cams I want to stream on my website. What is the best way to host/stream these?

    And the steps to do it direct without going through a PC or laptop. So just direct from Cam to Router and on the net to stream? Is this possible?

    HELPPPPP please.

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    You can find a tutorial for IP cameras here,

    You can build a flash player into you website which points to each stream.
    I would recommend a ready built player such as JWPlayer or FlowPlayer

    Tutorial links can be found here,

    If you have anymore questions just ask.


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