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Thread: Re-streaming configuration - Question about load

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    Default Re-streaming configuration - Question about load


    here is my config :

    Hardware A : encoding channels on local network and providing rtsp links ( 1 port for each channel )

    Server Wowza B : online server with configuration of application MyChannel of type live - pulling the channels stream using /content/ + stream Manager starting the stream ( rtp + ) ...

    + Webpage with client flash player on Server B - available for all users

    The application MyChannel + are playing without any problem on flash player + vlc client ... everything is nice

    My Question :

    If i've 500 users connected on my webpage looking on the channels -
    are these users only using the bandwidth and ressources of Server B only ?

    In other words : am i right if i say that the load of users is only on Server B ( bandwidth + system )

    and the Hardware A has the load of 1 connection for each channel when it's pulled by the Server B - to deliver to hunders users

    Thanks for help

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    One more detail i've not given :

    in the file on the Server B i've put the direct rtsp link of the hardware A
    ( just like we could do with an ip camera i suppose )

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    Some help please ?

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    Yes, you are correct. You are re-streaming so Wowza is handling the client load, repeating it for each client. The first server is just sending one stream per channel.


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    Thanks a lot !

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