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Thread: flash streaming problem

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    Default flash streaming problem

    dear sir
    when i try to play the video on the web it appears as blank page
    i see nothing sometimes but i can hear the sound
    i try to play it from more than one PC
    most of them didn't display thee video
    yo can check on the following link

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    I can't help with that player, but your live stream is working great. Test with the Wowza example player: \


    Server: rtmp://
    Stream: test

    Then take a look at these production ready players:


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    Default problem in H264

    hi richard
    sorry for disturb
    i see that when i start the encoder as H264 the problem appear that i cant customized my own player
    its working only on wowza player in the test page
    can you give me the way that i can get the embed code for that player to insert it to my pages
    my rtmp fot the H264 is

    for the mean time i open another stream on another device and named it tag to solve this issue
    and start the encoder on the format VP6 but in this way there are to PCs working and that is not effective way

    so can you provide me the embed code for wowza player that can play the H264 in my page

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    I believe that using a production ready player is the way forward here.
    You can find embed code on either of the links above, they are written into the tutorials.

    We can't troubleshoot your custom built player for you we can only suggest using something that we know works.
    I have used the link in your original post and it appears to work fine with video and audio I hope this means that you have resolved this issue.


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