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Thread: Wowza Monitoring Notifications?

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    Default Wowza Monitoring Notifications?

    Hi all,

    I am aware of Wowza Monitoring via JMX/JConsole/VisualVM. I have monitoring set up via VisualVM. But I would like to also be notified if one of my Wowza Server crashed or stopped working. Is there any way of accomplishing this? Is there a setting in VisualVM that I can set? Where I stand, the only way I will know if a server crashed if I check VisualVM manually. Just wondering if there is a more automated process in letting me know when one of the servers has crashed and requires my immediate attention.


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    There is nothing built-in to Wowza. You could write something to poll each server over http to see if it is responding, and send you email.


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