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Thread: wowza Security Developer Wanted Dead or Alive

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    Default wowza Security Developer Wanted Dead or Alive

    Hi all, we are a small company and we are looking for a guy to help us to put all security stuff on wowza server.
    any one can knows what we are talking can drop a line at visualjobs at hotmail

    Thanks all!

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    If you're looking for a consultant you can email asking for the independent consultants list.
    Be sure to contact more than one consultant for a competitive price.


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    I don't mean to come off as controversial here, but I must disagree with the above recommendation.

    While it's nice to spend less, it's not so nice to end up with inadequate or unreliable results, poor advice, or poor support. In my experience, the best consultants and developers don't compete on price, they compete on level of experience and ability to adequately support their clients.

    I agree that one should contact several candidates, but for the reason of finding the best qualified and most able to continue to support your needs.

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