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Thread: Live stream repeater

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    Talking Live stream repeater

    i wan't to use wowza server for streaming server.
    I explain:
    i have a live movie created at home (camera) on my own network with http protocol on vlc.
    I want to send this movie to wowza like that i can stream it to every one. with only http://iport

    Can wowza server work with this configuration with http protocol and if i can, how i can add security on it.
    Can someone can help me?

    Thanks to a lot.

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    Take a look at this How to use VLC as a live stream encoder article and also How to re-stream from a camera article. Wowza Server does support HTTP protocol using Flash HTTP Streaming, Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

    For security options for HTTP:
    How to secure Apple HTTP Live Streaming (AES-128 - external method)
    How to secure Apple HTTP Live Streaming (AES-128, internal method)
    Wowza DRM overview


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