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    I'm using wowza to stream a radio station.
    It's an aacplus stream and the clients are rtmp flash players, rtsp mobile devices and iOS devices.

    My question is about cuppertino streaming.
    On the access.log file and on the serverinfo web service I see a lots of cuppertino connections using a url that I don't understand.
    The stream url is http://server:1935/RadioStation/Radi.../playlist.m3u8 but I see many connections using this kind of url:
    /RadioStation/ (xxxxx is a random number).

    Could you tell me something about that kind of url?


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    The iOS devices and other devices that use HLS receive the data in chunks.
    The number is the chunk that's being played when the logs make a report.


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    Thanks Jason!
    I've understood.

    Have a good day


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