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Thread: work for 30 second only on ios

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    Default work for 30 second only on ios

    dear sir
    my stream work only for 30 seconds or less on iphone what can i do for that

    select the iphone image to play the vedio on iphone

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    It could be a bandwidth issue,

    As the chunks are being requested this causes bursts of bandwidth but you may be able to smooth them out a little and continue playing if you adjust the default settings here,

    I would suggest lowering the chink duration as a start.
    Let us know how you get on.


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    Probably because he use MainConcept AAC plugin which works only for 30sec.

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    I have MainConcept for FMLE and works as long as I want it to.

    It stops but it starts again. There is also flickering. You might have a very long and/or odd length of key frame frequency. If you can, try 2 second key frame frequency. Depending on the encoder, there might be a setting like that, or it is gop / fps


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