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Thread: Accept SMIL files not on the wowza server

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    Default Accept SMIL files not on the wowza server

    Be able to use SMIL files for HLS not hard coded on the wowza server, but instead located elsewhere such as dynamically created from a CMS.

    Being able to dynamically generate SMIL files gives a single template the ability to control all videos vs individual files, live and VOD. Flash is already setup this way.

    Example: Say you have been using Wowza for quite some time and have a few thousand videos. You find that wowza can automatically create an audio-only stream simply by adding another line in the SMIL file. The current method you'd have to go to each individual file and edit, or create a fancy script to add an identical bit of code to each line. Or with a dynamically generated SMIL you could change a single template.

    Say Apple releases a new product and you decide to add a bitrate from every new video. Each video would likely have a unique filename, so either manually editing SMIL, fancier script or edit one template file. Or instead you decide to add a bitrate for every current file, change locations of where those files are, change the syntax of how the filenames are structured......

    The nDVR addon comes close to solving this, except it too can't be easily changed if additional files need to be added, or existing ones need to be changed. I can't go to a compression app and create a nDVR version. It also requires a live stream, so if they were not live then I'd still have to manually create a SMIL, and use the CMS to know which were using nDVR code and which were not.

    MediaCache and any API would not solve this (at least in my understanding) because fundamentally they don't access the webserver's database where all the information is.

    Hard coding SMILs makes Wowza a harder sell for VOD. For me, one of the selling point was dynamically generating HLS streams, but if hard coding the SMIL is still necessary then it may be easier to grab Squeeze or Vantage and have them create the HLS version.

    I've found simliar posts in FMS's forums, so it is likely I'm not the only one interested in this.

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    Again, MediaCache and your app server. It will work.


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    Also, as mentioned, you can use this method to dynamically create smil (MediaList):


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    I know sometimes help requests and feature requests get confused. This is a 'suggestion' simply to make it easier.

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    An idea... can Wowza automatically create a SMIL on the fly based on incoming files?

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