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Thread: PushAddon from Wowza to FMS test

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    Default PushAddon from Wowza to FMS test


    I have been testing and found out

    When I push from Wowza to FMS, there is a little problem. The stream won't play, or stop start all the time. To solve the problem, I will have to restart the stream again (stop and start FMLE), then it will fix the problem. But after a while, the problem comes up again, so I will have to stop and start FMLE again.

    This problem does not happen to wowza to wowza pushing. It only happens when pushing from Wowza to FMS.

    Does anyone have any idea why?


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    I would suggest you push from Wowza to FMS rather than pull. Can you provide more details so we can troubleshoot further?

    Can you clarify what "not all the time" and "after a while" means? Are you running 24/7? And how long are you running before you see the problem? How frequently does this occur?

    What versions of Wowza and FMS are you using? Please also provide a zip of [install-dir]/conf and logs directories so we can see configuration and server activity details. I will follow up with an email and also provide the latest Push Publishing module.


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