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Thread: audio / video not synced in live-lowlatency

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    Default audio / video not synced in live-lowlatency


    since a few days all my apps have lost the audio/video sync. the audio is arriving something like 2/3 seconds after the matching video frame... i didn't made any changes in client/server code, buffertime is set to 0. i have 4 servers running wowza and this happens on all the servers, for all my live oriented apps. did somebody experienced the same behavior recently ? thank you !
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    Hi gabole29,

    No, I haven't heard of anybody reporting the same thing recently.

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    hi Randall thank you for your reply even if this is not a big help

    this is very weird, as it is happening on all my servers and flash based apps. i'm using wowza 3 with i think all patches, and my servers are using differents os and versions: red hat, ubuntu 9, ubuntu 11, ubuntu 12. i also have differents versions of java on all these servers. i'm streaming without transcoder, regular rtmp over port 80. i dont have higher bandwidth usage or cpu load...any help wouldbe greatly appreciated



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    after some research it looks like the sync problem occurs when there are several concurrent streams playing at the same time, like full duplex conferencing. could it be flashplayer related ?

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    Yes, it could be. You have to identify what changed between when it was working to when it stopped working. Was there a flash plugin update? Does downgrading fix the issue?

    Thanks for the additional troubleshooting info. But, as you said you didn't change anything it seems like it must be something external to your setup. You'd have to provide steps to reproduce, including the exact version numbers of all your software, for us to move forward. See here for a list of info to provide when submitting support requests:

    Try to reproduce it. Start 1 teleconference. Then another, etc.

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    thanks for your reply. i'll perform some more tests. i believe this is flash plugin related as as i mentionned, it happened suddenly on all my live apps and all servers, so it looks like a client issue and not a server / code issue. thus i didn't update flashplayer, but as i'm using chrome maybe the updates are done silently. i'll test with differents browsers and let you know

    thank you !

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    ok, apparently the problems occurs only on chrome (flashplayer 11.3), while firefox with 11.1 is fine

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    back again. more details after some more tests: the problem occurs only on the playing side of chrome with flashplayer

    if i make a livestream from:

    - firefox to firefox is fine
    - chrome to firefox is fine
    - firefox to chrome: not synced
    - chrome to chrome: not sync

    i haven't tryed other browsers yet, but i think i can confirm there is a problem in the latest chrome flashplayer update when playing live streams.

    this problem have been confirmed using different computers and flash based apps for client side testing, different servers with latest wowza version

    if somebody noticed the same behavior, i feel lonely right now

    i'm using rtmp connection with speex codec. could it come from speex and AEC ?

    thank you !


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