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Thread: nDVR playback is not smooth using flowplayer plugin

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    Default nDVR playback is not smooth using flowplayer plugin

    Hi ,

    I found nDVR streaming playback is not smooth using flowplayer httpstreaming plugin ( ).
    Any other option ? . Its continuously requesting chunks of data from server.


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    How long is the duration of your recording? A really long recording will result in a really big manifest file which will need to be loaded into memory in its entirety. We recommend a a reasonable recording length so that small manifest files can be loaded and unloaded quickly. More information about the recording length best practices here.

    Another option is to use the OSMF player. See OSMF player recommendations in the nDVR Quick Start Guide. We provide a sample player in [install-dir]/examples/LiveDvrStreaming/clientStrobe.


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