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Thread: playing live with option to rewind

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    Default playing live with option to rewind

    Hi there, is there a way I can playback live letting customer rewind on DVR to certain time of the recording only?

    I mean, I have a 24 hours DVR set, and I want customers to connect to live and be able to "rewind" only to last 2 hours of the recording when watching live.
    If I use "...../manifest.f4m?dvr" customer watched live but can go back all the 24 hours of content recorded ... if I use delegate parameters, I can limit where the stream start (or rewind limit) but can't give customer the live.

    I need a way to combine both ... any advice?


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    You would have to write a custom playlist delegate class. The provided one doesn’t allow a delta from the last recorded time—it uses an absolute start time into the recording. However, the nDVR Playlist API doc has the code for a playlist and also sample code for querying start and end times of a DVR recording.

    Regarding whether the recording is shown as live or not. With the playlist API, when creating the playlist request object:
    If you specify a start and end time, the playlist pulled out of the DVR recording will act like a VOD because it has an end time. (Even if it is actively recording).
    If the DVR is still recording and the playlist request object has a start time and _no_ specified end time, it means play from start. And the recording will be presented as live DVR.

    You will need to query the end time, subtract 2 hours. And not specify an end time.

    I would also recommend you add logging to the custom delegate during your development to verify that you are doing what you think. If you specify an incorrect playlist delegate the default behavior is to return the entire dvr recording.


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    Hi Richard ... I do have my own delegate to calculate all starts and duration when content is presented as VOD
    I've tried also the playback with start-time (my delegate uses UTC time, so it's easy to go 2 hours back) and no end-time or duration
    The playback is presented as live with dvr to go back, but the playback starts on the DVR content, not on the live. And this is the strange part. Player shows the content to go back, and the "live" section is on the right. The progressive bar selector is on the "live" part but it actually streams from the "start-time" of the DVR. In order to see the live, I need to go back on the progressive bar and back to the live section
    Is this something related to player itself (I'm using the Strobe player included on Wowza distribution) or something on the delegate is not presenting the info properly for player to start on the "live" instead of on the beginning of the DVR presented?

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you using single stream or doing multi-bitratre?

    Show that logging that demonstrates what the playlist request you are using. What are you returning from these methods?
        public DvrPlaylistRequest getDvrPlaylistRequest(IHTTPStreamerApplicationContext appContext, IDvrStreamStore store, Map<String, String> queryMap) {
        public DvrPlaylistRequest getDvrPlaylistRequest(IHTTPStreamerApplicationContext appContext, List<IDvrStreamStore> stores, Map<String, String> queryMap) {
    Ensure that the stream is actively recording (if it's not, even if he doesn't specify an end time, it will be presented as a VOD since there is an end)

    Open the manifest.f4m?dvr in a browser and send the results to Include a link to this thread.


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