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Thread: only IOS or Android

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    Default only IOS or Android

    dear sir
    i try to male new publishing point for wowza streaming
    its running on IOS only for the name test

    and open another encoder and its running on android only

    there are no difference between the configuration

    how i can use the same point for all devices

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    What do you mean by "same point for all devices"?
    I would guess that you want to use one live video source, encode it using an encoder, feed that encoded content to Wowza, which will provide the appropriate streams for both iOS and Android devices.
    This would be a basic setup, and the way to acomplish that is described in the Quick Setup Guide available on this forum.
    Also, you can read through the List of Articles where you can find lots of information in case you would like to create a particular setup.


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