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Thread: MediaCaster system pulls a stream from a stream source issue?

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    Question MediaCaster system pulls a stream from a stream source issue?

    I have 2 Wowza servers (original-server and relay-server). The connection between them is limited so I want relay-server to pull live stream ( from original-server, so if any one request ( from relay-server it pulls the stream and establish connection. If no one requesting ( and relay-server is ideal, the connection of ( stops.
    What I did:-
    1-test the stream ( rtsp://original-serverip:1935/live/ and it is working.
    2-i create file on repaly-server (rtsp://original-serverip:1935/live/ , and copy it to /content folder.
    3- I login to streammanager and start live/rtp stream name (
    4- I test the stream (rtsp://relay-serverip:1935/live/ and the stream working .
    The problem that the connection is active always and relay-server keep receiving the stream. Even if no one requests the stream, it keeps receiving the stream!
    how to control the connection between two servers and stop the stream to save the connection bandwidth if no one requests the stream.
    can any one help ?
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    You do not need to start the stream on the edge using the StreamManager. Check the LiveRepeater Quickstart. It does not mention using the StreamManager on the edge.

    I believe if you don't do that, you will achieve your desired result.

    Note: I haven't tested this with all possible configurations of RTMP vs. RTSP (as you've used) or Flash vs. non-Flash clients.

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