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Thread: Flash crashes after several hours of playback

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    Default Flash crashes after several hours of playback


    We're having a strange issue here. I have an H.264 / AAC stream coming in over UDP that Wowza is producing and RTMP stream for (no transcoding or any other addons). The Application XML is configured only to make it a live stream with no other changes. The stream is just a 2 minute file (4mbps) that's looping over and over again. Java server is latest 1.6.

    I've tried playing the stream using both FlowPlayer and JW Player (on separate computers) and Flash crashes in both of them, so I don't think it's an issue with the players. Flash is up to date. Happens in Chrome and IE.

    I'm getting a solid 2+ hours of playback which is pretty good but I was hoping to be able to play indefinitely. I'm not sure exactly when it crashes, because I've run the tests overnight.

    One thing I noticed is that we were originally looping a 15mbps file over and over, and flash would crash consistently after 30 minutes. Lowering the bitrate seems to have extended it. Perhaps 4mbps is even too high for an RTMP stream? This setup is used on an internal network only so there's no real bandwidth concern here.

    Anyone have any ideas here?

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    Also, I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to determine how or why flash has crashed? I turned on crash reporting in Chrome, but that only reports on if Chrome itself crashed, not Flash.

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    Take a look at this technique

    You will need to run your application in the Flash debug player for the above to work:


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    That article is pretty old (5 years) and the links it references are broken and refer to Flex. I'm having issues with the web players, not a Flex player.

    Would that still apply somehow?

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    Flex is Flash. This will work, though I am not sure it will give you the info you are looking for, but it might. It's the only way I know to see trace output of a swf file outside a Flash development environment. There are other articles. Search for "mmcfg flashlog.txt"


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