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Thread: Multiple Wowza servers Single application, conf, content directory on NAS

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    Default Multiple Wowza servers Single application, conf, content directory on NAS

    We are setting up a wowza farm connected to a NAS, so all wowza servers can find content on the same place.
    How can we setup multiple wowza servers, but the applications, conf, and content directory for each of these reside on a NAS instead of the server itself ?

    Wowza 1
    Wowza 2
    Wowza 3

    All 3 wowza servers should be able to access the same applications of customers and same content, hence the NAS.
    How can I make them all point to the same one without having to create these on each wowza server ?

    Thank you

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    Although this is possible its not a good idea I'm afraid.

    The applications directory will have some temporary data which could get overwritten by another servers temp data breaking your application.
    It also means that you can't have the same named applications for this reason as well.


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    You can centralize content with MediaCache which include NAS configuration:

    There is a way to centralize configuration, which is generally used for very large deployments:


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    ill take a look at those, thank you.
    Hmm, if applications cannot be served centrally, how do people usually go about this? You create applications manually in all the servers, or do you do like an rsync or something ?

    Looking at the last post here by Richard
    It looks like we can play a file frmo any wowza server, without having to define any application as long as a http server can access the file on a NAS. Am i correct in assuming this?
    While this scenario works for the playback, what about live-record type things, can we use MediaCache for that as well to write to that http available NAS ?
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    Got the MediaCache working properly to play vod off a nas - thanks Richard.
    Is it possible to use this same thing to implement LiveStreamRecord 3.0 and record live streams directly on the nas as well ?
    Is it possible to get the source for mediacache ?
    Is it possible then to perhaps implement something like
    class StreamListener implements IMediaStreamActionNotify3 {

    public void onPublish(IMediaStream stream, String streamName, boolean isRecord, boolean isAppend) {

    into the mediacache and since its at Server.xml, no other application would be required except mediacache and we could implement an onpublish within it?
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    Probably not a good idea. Take a look at this configurable method of copying after recording

    For more control there is this API:


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    Hi Richard,
    I have implemented that portion already where I move files after recording and can change the output directory based on params coming in. Just wondering if mediacache was also a viable option (that way we dont have to create any applications or confs for the customers and can have all livestreams point to the same mediacache application and have an onpublish to trap ).
    But if its not a good idea then nevermind.
    updated my earlier post too while you replied

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    MediaCache is only for vod streaming. Once you move the recording there it is available for vod. But for the live streams you need to use application configured for live streaming


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    ok thank you

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