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Thread: Load Test Tool - measure publish instead of play

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    Default Load Test Tool - measure publish instead of play

    I am using the load test tool to see how much load can 1 wowza server take.
    However, I do not want to test how many viewers for a live stream it can support, I want to test how many live streams can be published + recorded simultaneously. How can I go about this? Is there another tool for this or can I use a different Tests.xml for this? I want to test publisher load.

    Thank you

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    There isn't a tool for that, you just have to create many live streams and record. It is much lower limit because the limiting factor is cpu and memory, rather than bandwidth as it is for playback clients. Recording many streams at once will require RAID 0 or RAID 1+0 disk array.


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    ok thank you Richard

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